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Mission Statement:

"To provide the highest standard of health care our patients have ever experienced. To deliver health care with the highest degree of compassion, honour, and sincerity”

We fulfill our mission by bringing our patients the latest developments and techniques to improve health, vision, and quality of life. In our practice the patients come first and patient suggestions are taken very seriously. Our office visits are conducted according the standards of practice recommended by the Alberta college of optometrists. Our doctors are members of the Alberta College of Optometrists, Alberta Association of Optometrists, as well as the Canadian Association of Optometrists. Our doctors are trained in some of the
finest universities in Canada and our clinical care reflects this standard.

About Us


CPS/RCMP Vision Applications

Bailey Lovie Testing available

Specialty Contact Lenses

Sclerals, RGP's

Surgical Consults and

Refractive surgery assessment; cataract/glaucoma pre & post ops

Dry Eye Management

Ophthalmic Eye drops, Meibomian Gland Expressions, Punctal Plugs

Emergency Eye Care


Foreign Bodies, Infections and more

Myopia Control

Atropine Ophthalmic Drops

Our Services


I-MED Pharma products are available in our clinic! To know more about it. Call, text or email us! We are happy to help and answer whatever questions you have!

Our Doctors



Dr. Navdeep (Nobe) Nijjar

B.S, B.Sc, O.D.

Dr. Nobe was born and raised in Calgary.  He loves sports and is nature enthusiast.  He is a father of 2 and feels his role as a father is the most important role in his life.  Dr. Nobe loves to travel and has lived in 4 different countries.  He speaks and writes Punjabi fluently and speaks conversational Spanish.  He would be happy to do your eye exam in any of these 3 languages.  For fun, Dr. Nobe exercises and plays most sports.  He also loves to landscape his garden.


Dr. Aliya Pabani

B.Sc, O.D.

Dr. Aliya Pabani was born and raised in Calgary.  She graduated with honours from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2010. Over the years, she's found out that her strength is providing quality eye care while educating her patients. You won't leave your exam without learning something new about your eyes!


Patients who see Dr. Pabani describe her as personable, caring and intelligent.  They appreciate the time she spends to address their concerns and answer their questions.


Dr. Karen Dieu

B.Sc, O.D.

Dr. Karen Dieu was born and raised in Calgary. She completed her undergraduate studies with distinction at the University of Calgary, majoring in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. She completed her Doctor of Optometry Degree at Pacific University College of Optometry.


In her free time, Dr. Dieu enjoys spending time with her family and friends, driving out to the mountains, travelling, trying out new restaurants, and hiking.


Dr. Andrew Chan

B.Sc, O.D.

Dr. Andrew Chan is a residency-trained optometrist who graduated with honours from the New England College of Optometry. Prior to this, he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary and obtained his BSc. in Biological Sciences.

Born and raised in Calgary. As an avid skier, he enjoys Calgary’s proximity to the mountains.  In his spare time, he keeps up with his fitness through cycling and running, but has interest and experience in a broad number of athletic activities.

Our Staff



Shania Longmuir, MOA

Clinical Coordinator/Clinic Manager

Shania is from a small town in Saskatchewan but has lived in Calgary for most of her life. She completed her Medical Office Administration Diploma at the top of her class in 2017 after working on her Undergrad in Psychology. It wasn't until after taking a break from her Undergrad where she found her passion in the Optometry field.

Shania is very dedicated in ensuring that patients have the best experience at Nobe Eyecare Associates. She loves how much she learns everyday from both patients and optometrists.


Khushpinder (Khush) Brar, MOA

Optometric Technician

Khush was born in the north part of India, Punjab and came to Calgary in 2019. He graduated Bow Valley College with a 3.78 GPA in Medical office Assistant Program and 4 GPA in Administrative Certificate Program. Khush is well trained under the supervision of Dr. Nobe to help the doctors in each part of the eye exam along with performing administrative tasks for the clinic. Khush will pursue optometry school in the future.


John Parado,B.Mgt, BAC

Optometric Technician

John finished a Bachelors of Management in the Philippines and got a certificate in Business Administration here in Canada. He has worked in the customer service industry for 6 years and on going. He is the administrator of Nobe Eyecare Associates, and has provided and maintained good relationships with patients, doctors and fellow staff in the clinic.

As part of Nobe Eyecare Associates, John has contributed ideas to support and help the company to expand, by increasing awareness to the majority of the care we provide.


Niby Sajo, RN, BscN, HUC, HHM

Optometric Technician

Niby hold a Bachelor in Nursing from Kerala University of Health Sciences, with a focus on patient care and  management and she got two post diplomas in health management filed at Bow Valley College. She has educational background and has equipped with a strong foundation in interpersonal relationships towards patients and doctors, with that, she is now a registered nurse here in Canada.

Professionally, She has 3 years of experience in nursing and administration. She took the opportunity to work at Nobe Eyecare Associates which has honed her skills in attention to detail, patience, multi-tasking and high quality patient care.


Chinthika Kottalbadde-Vidanelage, BScN, PQHRM, MOA

Optometric Technician

With over seven years of experience in clinical practice and medical office settings, Chinthika brings a wealth of expertise in clinical knowledge and healthcare administration to Nobe Eyecare Associates.

Chinthika holds a BSc in Nursing, along with diplomas in Office Administration Health Services and Human Resource Management, consolidating a robust foundation in both nursing and administrative domains. 

Eye Trial Frame


"Great people very helpful answered all my questions and removed the dirt stuck in my eye.Will recommend them to friends and family. Thanks again"

Teresa Whyburd

"The staff are very professional, and knowledgable. We will return to Nobe eye care at east hills costco for our future assessments and exams."

Maretta Fitzpatrick

"Had an amazing experience at Nobe Eye Care!! Dr. Nobe is very thorough and makes sure to explain everything during your appointment. He was concerned about a possible issue with my retina and got me in for dilation right away. Dr. Nobe is very professional and you can tell he cares about each patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Nobe to anyone that is looking for the best in eye care."

Larissa Vormittag



1) How often should I have my eyes examined?
Regular eye exams are necessary in order to diagnose vision and ocular health conditions in a timely manner, and to aid in prevention of these conditions. A check for glasses prescriptions is a small part of the exam as well. How often you will need to receive an eye exam will depend largely on your individual eye care needs and medical history.  After your initial examination, your doctor of optometry will help you determine when you should return.  General guidelines, however, are in place to assist you in determining follow-up examination frequency.

Frequency for high-risk patients will be determined by the examining doctor of optometry based on the findings at your initial examination.  Some factors which may indicate high risk are:
  • Infants and toddlers and preschool: Premature birth; low birth weight; mother's health during pregnancy; family medical history; strabismus; or congenital eye disorders.
  • School age: children experiencing difficulty at school; children exhibiting reading and/or learning disabilities.
  • Adult: diabetes; hypertension; family history of glaucoma; those whose work is visually demanding or who face eye hazards.
  • Older adult: diabetes; hypertension; family history of glaucoma; those taking systemic medication with ocular side effects.
2) Who is examining my eyes?
At Nobe Eyecare Associates, our focus is eye health. You will be examined by an Optometrist and can be assured that you will received a thorough examination. We work with the finest surgeons in the area and listen to your preferences before selecting the appropriate eye surgeon (Ophthalmologists). The eye chart at the family doctor’s office or at the motor vehicle registry are merely screenings that make up less than 5% of a comprehensive doctorate level eye exam.

Eye exam frequency

3) I don’t have any eye or vision problems. Do I need to get my eyes
Even people that have 20/20 vision or don’t report any visual problems
can develop eye disease and go blind. Comprehensive eye exams
performed by doctorate level practitioners will help you determine your
risk factors. In fact, there are many people that end up suffering from
serious eye disease despite not needing glasses. Also, there are
many people that are completely dependent on glasses and live a life
without any eye disease. One’s ability to see without glasses is not
an indicator of eye health.
4) How do I Know if I got a good exam?

The doctors are here to serve you. If you feel you were not listened to or rushed it may be best to find try a different one of our doctors.
Some optical stores make the claim that a doctor (often in a remote
jurisdiction) can interpret findings performed by people who have not completed university level training. This position is NOT supported by medical evidence and not deemed appropriate by the Alberta College of Optometrists or the Alberta College of Physicians or Surgeons. Obviously there are parts of the eye that cannot be examined throughly. Please ensure that you are being examined by a Doctor who is physically present and do not risk your eye health to optical shops that take these shortcuts! Losing vision permanently is not worth saving 20 minutes to skip your routine comprehensive Doctor level eye examination. These shops sometimes use confusing terminology to de-emphasize eye health hoping that will sell you glasses or contact lenses. The terms used include “vision test”, “computerized vision test”, “eye health screening”, or “eye test”.

5) When should I go to the emergency room?
Emergency room visits are accessible outside our office hours. If you
visit an emergency room to have something removed from your
eyes, a follow-up appointment with an eye doctor is essential.
Often when a foreign body is removed it can often leave permanent
scars which result in permanently reduced vision if the eye does
not heal properly. We prescribe the medications necessary to facilitate
faster healing times and to reduce complications. Many times an
emergency room visit results in the calling of an on-call Doctor and an
appointment in his/her office the next day. At Nobe Eyecare Associates,
we make allowances in our schedules to accommodate emergencies
daily and wait times are significantly less than the emergency room.
Most emergencies are treated within an hour.


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Our Address

75 East Hills Blvd SE

Calgary, AB T2A 6J8

(Inside East Hills Costco)

Clinic Hours

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